God Must Be Earned.

“The danger of destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical destruction through atomic warfare.  Indeed, the two are related and intertwined.” – Joost Meerloo

Is it possible that a hidden Elite seeks to destroy our spiritual well-being?  As their attacks become more brazen, the obviousness of this claim becomes more indisputable.

An elite superclass of intellectuals and bankers conduct the world orchestra.  Their aim: to rule over the entire planet by bringing about a socialist-world system, overseen by a centralized world government.

They have set themselves up as the establishment in Mass Media, International Finance and Politics, and they are engaged in spiritual and cultural warfare against the masses.  These commercial giants with colossal power spend inordinate amounts of money and energy to destroy national borders, while spiritually disarming individuals.  The heavily propagandized masses are left feeling the Elite’s agenda is a foregone conclusion.  The enlightened view of the Elite is, there is no god, and borders are for losers.

Since WW 2, their network has waged war by strategically placing operatives in key positions of authority to subtly yet powerfully influence the population.  Spirituality has no place in their future because spiritual suicide leads to cultural suicide.  And cultural suicide is a necessary precondition for a borderless world.  To implement a New World Order, you have to get rid of the old one.

As a result, God has ceased to exist for us.  Not because we have evolved beyond the need for superstitious thinking, but because we willfully accepted the secular make-believe spoon fed to us.   Modern people have aimlessly and naively strayed from the deeper realities where God can be accessed.  Our Higher Self is sacrificed on their altar of Materialism.

Deprived of our spiritual foundation, we are unable to hold them to account.  The Media trains the masses in a secular worldview, to absolve the Elite of the moral and spiritual abuses that their globalist enterprise engenders.  It is a jaundiced ideology that diminishes us for their sinister interest.  They eliminate God – because they want to be our god.

In an alienated fashion, we worship second-hand gods like money, consumer brands, sports teams, and celebrities.  Our idol worship allows the Elite to get bigger, as we get smaller.  They become powerful by taking away our power.  The more we lose faith in our self, the more we gain faith in Big Daddy.

Our idol worship, and the “smallness” it produces, yields anxiety, depression, addictions and suicide.  We suffer from a proliferation of spiritual maladies that we are powerless to heal, because we are deprived of the one possible antidote.  We follow the leaders that want us spiritually-unworked.  They want us fragmented and rootless, so we can be easily hypnotized, and easily swayed.  Spiritual malnourishment leaves us in a state of disequilibrium.  We are unable to muster any defense, so we are incapable of escaping from their secular prison.

We are left with a spiritual and moral crisis that manifests as: education problems, crime problems, war problems, drug problems, healthcare problems, environmental problems, and economic problems.

Our solution… more laws, more censorship, more pharmaceuticals, and more open borders.   All of which serves to nourish the original pathology. The further our distance from the spiritual domain, the more the human psyche becomes deregulated, fragmented, and imbalanced.  The morally-decaying reality we see before us is nothing but a projection of our corrupted minds.

They do not want us to be natural, and connected to the Sacred.  They want us to be artificial, and fixated on material things.  They want us to be mechanized – zombies devoid of Spirit.  Equal to everyone else because we have followed each other into the gulags of unconsciousness.

When we erase spirit, we do so in cooperation with our enemy.  We arrogantly deny spirit, in proud revolt against the natural world.  They don’t want us to have gods word, they want us to have their word.  They do not want us to ask big questions – they want us to believe small answers.  They invert our values because they want us thinking that the Impious are wise, and the pious are ignorant.

Have we lost faith in God, or has God lost faith in us?

We fail to question the nature of our illusions.  We have gone along with a program to make us small – to live a meaningless life that ends in a meaningless death.  Completely disconnected from our ancestors, ourselves and our future.  Having so many security vulnerabilities, we could not possibly defend ourselves from a coordinated attack.  Our spiritual collapse is the result of spiritual warfare.

The only real antidote is the Sustained Spiritual Cultivation that can transforms the quality of human experience away from the fear and anxiety of a meaningless world, towards a connection to the Sacred and genuine well-being.  The free person is one who engages in the lifelong quest of increasing attachment to God.  Otherwise we become their slave, increasingly attached to the State.

Mobilize the better aspects of yourself, do not allow yourself to be spiritually-unworked.  We need to fight for purpose.  There is no meaning unless we do the spiritual work to find the Meaning.  When we are able to live from your spiritual values and create a meaningful life, we move to higher order of Being.

It is time for the people to stop following the lead of the morally degenerate and spiritually rootless Elite, and to unite around the awareness that the globalist establishment has rigged the system against our national and spiritual interests.

Have you just gone along with the secular programming of the globalist elite?

What have you done to earn God?

Have you been doing any of the spiritual disciplines that all the great religious traditions say are required to find God?

Have you created a symbiosis of Right Thought and Right Action?

There are no hand-outs in the Spiritual Life, and you cannot reap what you don’t sow.  Move beyond the Elite’s programming of politics, economics and entertainment – and hold the space for Spirit.  Don’t be blind to the Highest Good.  Don’t be unaware of your spiritual adversaries.

Earn God.  Attain God through spiritual praxis.  Cultivate the qualities that make God love you.  Cultivate the qualities that make you Love God.  Feel the presence of God.  Have a renewed commitment to aim upward.

It is time to stand and not fall in the battle of life, because an attack on our spirit is an attack on the very core of our being.  We have to go after whatever might do damage to our spirit with all of our might.

The Left’s Ten Commandments for White People

The Left’s Ten Commandments for White People.

1. You shall put the interests of all other races before Yours.

2. You shall make no defense of your nation’s borders.

3. You shall not oppose any critique of Western Civilization.

4. Keep Multiculturalism holy.

5. Acknowledge your White Privilege.

6. You shall not be wary of immigrants that do not like you.

7. You shall not love god, family or country.

8. You shall not believe that white children deserve a homeland.

9. You shall not respect your ancestors.

10. You shall not oppose your destruction, or the appropriation of your cultural assets.

The Art of the Unseen

WE, the citizens of this Nation are under siege on all sides.  As power and money become increasingly concentrated in fewer hands, the masses become increasingly vulnerable to the many abuses of authoritarian power.

We see it manifest in endless mid-east wars and rumors of wars, moral decay, outrageous environmental degradation, economic exploitation, cultural dispossession and forced immigration.

All of these things and more are symptoms of some deep intellectual crisis.  Is all of this by accident?  Or are their architects of social policy at work behind the scenes?

 Who are the Elite?

The “Elite” is the name given to the small group that sit atop a pyramid of closely interrelated worlds that includes The Media Complex, International Finance, and Establishment Politics.  Like the pyramid on the dollar bill – the seeing eye capstone is not connected to the mass of stones below.   Likewise, the Elite are above and against the people.  They are the ones who plan to sit atop a globalized world.

They seek a New World Order in which the movement of people, goods and money are no longer constrained by traditional values or borders of countries.  It will be a raceless and borderless world, not because they believe in the utopic vision of John Lennon’s Imagine, but because the Elite want to run things without any inconvenience.  They want power and wealth for themselves, not improved lives for ordinary people.

The Elite are also the ones who propagate the myth that sophisticated conspiracies and secret societies exist only in the mind of paranoids and extremists.  They attempt to conceal their power and agenda to dominate our world, so that they cannot be challenged – but the effects of their influence are plain to see.

The illiberal Elite support their vested interests by controlling an all-encompassing Super Media-Complex, while conspiring against the wider public interest.

This Complex is comprised of:

  • Mainstream Media
  • Hollywood
  • Professional Sports
  • Pop Music
  • Academia

Like the puppeteer who brings the puppet alive with multiple strings, they combine their resources to manipulate social psychology thoroughly enough to exploit it on a massive scale.  They have mastered the media so they can master the minds of the masses.  They know complete control results from thought control.

This Super Media Complex wields enormous influence, but is dominated by a very small number of players.  Over 90 % of Mainstream Media (MSM) is owned by 6 Corporate Media Conglomerates.

  1. Disney
  2. Viacom
  3. CBS
  4. Time Warner
  5. News Corp
  6. GE

This media oligopoly is tasked with inculcating corrupted social, moral, economic and political values into the Masses.  They provide an IV Drip of “fake news” that percolates every aspect of our society.  We are bombarded with ready-made opinions.  The attack is so pervasive because they want no part of us left untouched.

We are ruled through the Narrative and everything else is hate speech.  The people must unite in obedience to their globalist agenda.  Anyone operating outside of their narrow bandwidth gets silenced. The one who pays the piper calls the tune, and anyone who does not like it is racist, ignorant and dangerous.  This is how we are programmed to support the policies that benefit them and harm us.

“No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.” –  Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Distracted by their lies, we have lost our truth… and our instincts.   Values have been inverted and realism is now considered extremism.  If you debate realistically about immigration – you are xenophobic.  If you are critical of Islamic terror attacks on Western soil – you are Islamophobic.  If you discuss scientific data regarding race – you are racist.  If you mention some basic tenets of biology – you are transphobic.  If you are tired of white people being bullied by the label White Supremacist – you are a White Supremacist!   The MSM rewards the wrong and punishes the right.

“He has lost and destroyed his instinct, and can no longer trust the “divine animal” and let go the reins when his understanding falters and his way leads through deserts.” Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations II

Since non-left political thought is restricted in the MSM, reality itself falls outside of what they deem socially acceptable.  They caution us against believing what we see with our own eyes, or giving in to our silly common sense.  They will determine our understanding of reality for us.

We are immersed in a world of artificial indoctrination where the “real” is no longer “obvious.”   Accessing the “Real” requires practice.   If we don’t do the disciplines, we can’t see the Real.  We must learn to decipher.  The first step in seeing the Real, is deprogramming yourself from the Unreal.

In order to defend against attack, you must first be aware that you are under attack.  To become more aware of the reality of one’s situation, you must unplug.  You must “learn” to see that MSM is not your friend – and it is high time get your education and entertainment elsewhere.

“We are led by the least among us” – Terrence McKenna

The Elite’s Media promotes a secular worldview, to absolve them of any moral or spiritual wrong doing.  A jaundiced and despiritualized view of the world diminishes us for their sinister interest.  They eliminate God – because they want to be our god.

They reduce the higher to the non-existent.  They desecrate, until there is no longer any discernible meaning within our society.   It produces a people that are skepticized and demoralized – hollowed-out, with a belief in Nothing at all.  Standing for nothing and falling for anything.  With a ready willingness to sacrifice our nation, our values, and our sovereignty to create a glorious “new world order” for the Elite.

 The most powerful forces are hidden.  This is true culturally, and spiritually.  To know the essential, you must know the invisible.  Gain higher insights, and you will see things that others do not.  It requires skills to “see” the unmanifest.  Much of our world is hidden – we need hidden knowledge.  This is what the Ace represents in a deck of cards – the Ace is the hidden power above the King.

Turn off the TV, stop rooting for professional sports, don’t support Hollywood, reject Leftist Academia, listen to music that is not filled with morally degenerate lyrics.

Become your own prophet, trust what your eyes see and what your common sense tells you.  Trust your instincts.  Find out whatever it is you need to know in order to separate yourself from the unreflecting and bewildered herd.  Learn to see the things that others can’t, the Ace above the King.

Don’t settle for a beige fascist world, devoid of Spirit.  Don’t settle for a world of Identity Politics, Conflict, War and Nazis.  Don’t settle for a degenerate culture.  Don’t settle for the lower when you can have the higher.  It is time for people to question the true motives of the Elite.  Bring the hidden to the light.  They want to despiritualize you so they can destroy you, and they are free to do it.  We are free not to buy it.

Increase Your Proximity to the Sacred

For hundreds of thousands of years, the universe has created Spiritual Masters that separated themselves from the herd in order to cultivate a deep connection to the Sacred.  “Life is suffering” they taught, but by staying in close relationship to the Sacred, we can find Joy and Meaning in a world of pain and impermanence.

The Sacred refers to unseen realities which are the source of our power and significance.  The Sacred points to the truth behind appearances, and has been part of the worldview of every culture in history.  Embodying the higher values and spiritual ideals – it is what inspires people to flourish in the face of harsh realities.

A connection to the Sacred promotes a feeling of depth and calm connectedness, while reminding us that a Higher Self resides within us, and we should do what we can to make it manifest.

There are Thoughts we can have, and Actions that we can take that will facilitate our Spiritual Growth and Expansion.  We grow or shrink our Soul based on our choices, and we can transform our relationship with external Reality by Spiritual Practice.  Our Soul (the Sacred within us) needs “exercise” just like our bodies.

Just as there are ways of nourishing our Soul – neglect will make it decay.

The pain and longing that exists when God is absent is formulaic.  The more we are disconnected from Spiritual Power – the more we suffer.  Spiritual Neglect gives rise to feelings of loneliness, alienation, agitation, and self-loathing.

The more we lack elevating Spiritual Values and Ideals, the less we desire to live.  When we are disconnected from the Sacred – we experience a crisis of meaning and significance.

When we lose sight of our own Sacred Nature, we reduce ourselves to Automatons – concerned merely with satisfying and amplifying creature comforts.  Instead of focusing on ways to enhance the grandeur of mankind – our sole concern is enhancing our pleasure principle, so we can mask the pain.

This Modern Secular Culture is surely not our friend.

The Myth-Makers of our Modern Culture do not want us to be Spiritualized.  We are fed a modern culture that is spiritually bankrupt.  Distracted by the outside, we become diminished on the inside.

They do whatever it takes to separate us from any sense of the Sacred.

This is obvious in Mass media and “Mainstream” Modern Culture, where the consumer is bombarded with images that glorify Atheism, Materialism, Narcissism and Nihilism.  Their task is to inoculate us against Spirituality, making us easy to mold and manipulate.  Increased proximity to the Sacred will not make us better consumers, and they know this.

So how do we cultivate a connection to the Sacred in the face of this opposition?

First, it is important to realize that for the soul to arrive at perfection, it must overcome opposition, which is imposed for the Soul’s eventual benefit.

Second, you can’t get better without practice.  And you cannot reap what you do not sow.  Refuse to leave your spirituality unpracticed or unnourished.  The Higher Order is Invisible to those immersed in Lower Disorder.

So, how do we Keep in fit spiritual condition?  What should be our Spiritual homework?

Prayer, Meditation, Silence, Gratitude, Nature, Physical Exertion, Physical Stillness, Keeping a Journal, Reading, Deep thinking, Concentration and a Firm Intent to Understand One’s Self… are all disciplines that can bring us closer to the Sacred.

But today, our focus is on Increasing Our Proximity to God through Contemplation.

The Goal: to be as close as possible to the Sacred.

The Closer – the Better.  The Further – the Worse.

We can gain greater proximity to the Divine through Contemplation. It’s the discipline of Contemplating the Greater – not the Lesser.  Contemplate means “at one with the Temple.”  Unlock the doors to the Temple of Knowledge.  Unlock the Heart.  Clean the Windows.  Shine the mirror.

Reside in the Inner Cathedral of the Heart Center.  Where there is no distinction between God and the indestructible, sacred element within your Heart.

Don’t just do what the other guy is doing – Contemplate.  Spiritual knowledge is direct insight into one’s own True Nature.  Contemplation brings us closer to the Divine, so we can develop the awareness of our identity with the Sacred.

Know yourself as fully as possible.  God is the underlying Reality of everything.  Return to the Core of your Being, and you return to the Core of the Universe.

Spiritual Contemplation allows us to recognize, realize, and manifest the Divine Spark of God within.  Know yourself – “God knows you when you know yourself.”

As one ancient text put it, “Man cannot live by bread alone.”  Consumption and technology will never bring us closer to the Sacred.  We need to stop satisfying our Cravings – and learn to satisfy our Soul.

The Modern world presents us with an Opportunity: When the external world does not provide Values, we have to generate our Values within.  When the external world does not provide Meaning, we have to find and create Meaning.

We become not playthings of God, but manifestations of God.  This is the process of remembering and contemplating divine wisdom that’s as old as the universe.

To paraphrase Nietzsche, in the wake of the death of God – we need to become Gods.

Contemplate.  Choose the Sacred, over the profane.  Make as much Spiritual progress as possible so you can avoid future troubles.  Increase your proximity to the Sacred.  There is no life more real than the interior life of the Soul.

Why the Left Hates Trump…

“In America, we do not worship government, we worship God.” – President Donald J. Trump

In Modern America, we see not only vastly changing demographics – but vastly changing value systems as well.  We cheer when Men in dresses get the “right” to use the same restroom as our young daughters, we applaud when pampered, millionaire athletes disrespect the American flag, and we willingly pay Hollywood to corrupt us with their moral depravity.

In a few short decades, our most fundamental values have subtly, but powerfully been inverted.

What accounts for this radical and abrupt change?

What we are seeing now is the culmination of a propaganda campaign that began in earnest after WW2.  When an internationalist intelligentsia that included names like Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer developed what is known as Cultural Marxism.  Their aim: to destroy Western Civilization in order to pave the way for their Borderless, Raceless, Genderless, Classless, Cultureless, Communist “Utopia”.

How were academic theoreticians going to destroy the great Western Civilization…?

Their strategy was to destroy the West, not with guns – but by engaging in psychological, spiritual, cultural, and political warfare.  They knew that if they could control people’s Thoughts, and how they saw themselves, they could control their Actions.  Critical Theory was the ideology used to subvert the Moral compass of Western Man, while inextricably associating Western Civilization with the greatest evil of all – White Supremacy!

Combining the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, and in collaboration with left-leaning Media, Hollywood, Academics, Politicians and Businessman, radical Marxist Leftists actively deconstructed western society by spreading propaganda that America is a deeply terrible place. They instilled a cultural pessimism that convinced Western populations their displacement and dispossession through Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Low Birth Rates and deconstruction of the Nuclear Family is really a good thing.

“Identity Politics” was programmed into us all – we were taught Whites are the Oppressor, and Non-Whites are the Oppressed.  According to the Cultural Marxist worldview, if you were to get rid of Whites, there would be no more Oppression.  The Evil oppression of Women, Non-Whites and Gays, are the result of the corrupt patriarchy of Western Civilization.

Opponents of this artificial, Marxist worldview are immediately shouted down as Racist.  This is because the actual ideas of Marxism, and the results it produces, are so horrendous that they cannot afford to have any opposition.  Anybody who opposes Cultural Marxism is framed as the enemy of the good, and, therefore, all good people have to be on their side, because they are against Evil (White Supremacy).

There is no room for subtlety, nuance or debate – any advocate for traditional Western Civilization is supporting the White Patriarchy, and is ultimately a Nazi.  Leftists believe they must do everything to beat, imprison, censor, threaten and scare perceived Racist Boogeymen into submission.  They use shaming, censorship and fear-mongering to thought police everyone into their extremely narrow and pathetic bandwidth.

What…?!  You do not subscribe to Marxist Ideology which is aimed at desecrating America?  Then you, my friend, are a Nazi.

In this pernicious and pervasive worldview, God, Family and Country have all been toxified as Hate.  They are tools of the White Patriarchy and must be torn down in order to defeat White Supremacism.

So everyone virtue-signals by going out of their way to demonstrate their willingness to defeat this mythical enemy known as White Supremacy – which is really their own destruction.

Why?  Because the whole Cultural Marxist critique is based on the false narrative that:

1.)  Western Civilization => White Supremacy

2.)  White Supremacism => Nazi.

It is only in this context that we can make sense of the hysteria and the vengeance with which Leftists attempt to tear down President Donald J. Trump.  Their fervor takes on the zeal of a religious practice.

They are led to believe that protesting Trump is equivalent to protesting White Supremacy.  His detractors do not think they are being anti-American by disrespecting and attacking the duly elected President of the United States.  They have been consciously and subconsciously brainwashed to think that by attacking President Trump and ALL of his supporters, they are attacking actual Nazis.

In actual fact, Trump is not a Nazi or a White Supremacist.  He was in the public eye for many decades, and no one accused him of anything like this until he was the POTUS.  Neither are the millions of other Americans who still believe that America was designed to further Western Civilization, and for its citizens to be as free as humanly possible.

In this time of Cultural Marxist Revolution let us not forgot this American saying:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Political and Economic Marxism was easily the most evil ideology of the 20th Century (See 100 Million dead by Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.)  Off all the ideologies, Marxism is the most totalitarian, dehumanizing and murderous.

So proudly and naturally defy a Godless, Raceless, Genderless, Materialistic, Marxist revolution.

And, like our President, proudly and unapologetically stand for Western Civilization, which values God, Truth, Culture, Individual Liberty and Family.

Do everything in your power Individually and Collectively to disentangle from their false Cultural Marxist ideology.  The centerpiece of our worldview should be occupied by the Sacred, not this artificial and distorted world of political conflict and social degeneracy.










Cultivating Spiritual Strength.


“Know Thyself”

“In the process, however, one psychological detail has been overlooked: the constant desire to have still more things and a still better life and the struggle to this end imprint many Western faces with worry and even depression, though it is customary to carefully conceal such feelings. This active and tense competition comes to dominate all human thought and does not in the least open a way to free spiritual development.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918 – 2008)


Much of the time we are captivated by Economic and Political concerns – then we have Entertainment as relief from these two.

1.) Economics

2.) Political

3.) Entertainment

This does not leave much space for Cultivating Spiritual Strength.

As a result, signs of spiritual decay, like Narcissism and Nihilism, are extremely prominent in our modern culture.  Spiritual bankruptcy predisposes modern people to all manner of neuroses, and leaves them pretty much defenseless against Groupthink and Mind Control.

So how can we cultivate Spiritual Strength??

I believe the top two Spiritual Axioms in the Western Tradition are:

#1.) Know Thyself

  • The Delphic maxim “Know thyself” is the most fundamental command that aims at human strength and well-being.
  • All other knowledge should be built on the foundation of your own self-knowledge.
  • The repercussions of not knowing yourself are profound.
  • You cannot know yourself if you are always distracted by externalities.
  • Know the nucleus of your Being.
  • Seek stability and completeness in the Self.

Another Ancient Greek proverb states: “Man know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and its Gods.”  This brings us to the second great Western Spiritual axiom:

#2.) the Kingdom of Heaven is within you…

  • Can you really outwit and defeat the forces of darkness within each one of us?
  • Can you triumph in a contest with evil?
  • Our spiritual inheritance is the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Cultivate an inner life that reflects the kingdom of heaven.


“A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.” – Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1328)



How Do They Want Us? 

obese tv

The true ruling power of our country sits atop the world’s economic and political pyramid of power.  A vast network of financial, political, industrial and cultural interests whose influence is organized, subtle, complete and pervasive.  They possess the means and motive to control the public mind.

They perpetrate an Orchestrated Chaos intended to keep us easily managed and manipulated.   Step 1 in defending yourself is knowing how you are being attacked.

How Do They Want Us? 

  • Fat and Sassy.
  • Antsy and Entitled.
  • Busy doing Nothing.
  • Heavily Propagandized.
  • In a hypnotic trance
  • High tech.
  • On screen.  Clickbait.
  • Alone in the Group.
  • Snitching and Bitching.
  • Increasing our Screen time.
  • Programmed by the Programs.
  • Scripted on the Prescriptions.
  • Medicated.  Sedated.  Inoculated.
  • Agitated.  Alienated.  Fixated.
  • Sugar-babies
  • Mentally Anguished. Physically Numb.
  • Provoked. Triggered.
  • Trip-wired to trust the Experts.
  • Convenience-oriented Consumers.
  • Ever-hungry. Void-fillers.
  • Filled with desires.
  • Following the Majority and the Authority.
  • Obeying the Manufacturers and the Merchants.
  • Desiring the Merchandise.
  • Consumed by Consumption.
  • Spiritually and Emotionally Pauperized.
  • Without Meaning or Purpose.
  • Focused on buy and sell.
  • Fake, Artificial, polyester, synthetic.
  • Unthinking.
  • Wide eyed and blinking in dumbfounded amusement.
  • Excited for the next purchase.
  • Weakened.  Unable to defend.
  • Low morale and low morals.
  • Harmless.  Immoral.  Pushovers.
  • Rootless and dependent.
  • Nihilistic and Narcissistic.
  • Amnesiacs.  Unable to remember our True Nature.
  • Psychically deteriorated.
  • Small.  Solitary.  Struggling.
  • Embracing the lesser – cursing the greater.
  • Embracing our Captors – killing our Saviors.
  • Cheerleaders for the government, fans of the corporations.
  • Blind to the Highest Order. Sold to the Highest Bidder.
  • Too busy to ask real questions. Always time for nonsense.
  • Malleable in la-la-land.
  • Molded and Mesmerized.
  • Pampered and Hampered.
  • Charmed and Enchanted.
  • Enthralled and Subjugated.
  • Faux and Pseudo.
  • Stultified, Beguiled, Bewildered, Befuddled.
  • Programmable. Disposable. Replaceable.
  • Focused on Politics, Economics and Entertainment.
  • In formation. Full of their information – empty of our wisdom.
  • Willing participants in a mad society.
  • Tamed and conditioned.
  • In our stables. There to be milked.
  • Deep-sleeping.
  • Free-Range Chickens.
  • Shortsighted.  Unable to see danger until it is at our throats.
  • In a climate that is well-controlled.
  • Predictable