Is the USA becoming the USSR?

Simple historical facts about the United States of America from 1776- 1960:

  • Christian
  • Monocultural Western European Population
  • Patriotic
  • Family Oriented
  • Free Speech
  • Individual Liberty
  • Small government, big God
  • Nationist
  • Low abortion
  • Highly-regarded around the world.
  • Freedom of press
  • Fact-driven
  • High Trust Society
  • Armed
  • Low crime rates
  • Low incarceration rates

From the 1960’s to present, traditional American values have subtly, but powerfully, been flipped to their inverse.

  • Christian => Atheist
  • Monocultural Population => Multicultural Population
  • Patriotic => Highly Critical of America
  • Family Oriented => Anti-traditional Family
  • Free Speech => Hate Speech / Political Correctness
  • Individual Liberty => Collective Ideological Conformity
  • Small government, big God => Big government, small god
  • Nationist => Globalist
  • Low abortion => High abortion
  • Highly-regarded around the world => pretty much despised around the world.
  • Freedom of Press => Censorship
  • Fact-driven => Feelings driven
  • High Trust Society => Low Trust Society
  • Armed => Disarmed
  • Low crime rates => High crime rates
  • Low incarceration rates => High incarceration rates

This is a decidedly Marxist revolutionary turn of events…

The further inversion of the values which have traditionally underpinned our culture and made us great will transform the USA into something like past mass-murdering communist regimes – than the country we kind of still know and love today.   When you change the tree, it yields different fruit.

This transition from AMERICAN VALUES to MARXIST VALUES for the USA represents one of the greatest PSYOPs of all time.

Communist USSR slaughtered at least 65 million of its own citizens in the 20th Century.  Communist China slaughtered at least 35 million.


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