How Do They Want Us? 

obese tv

The true ruling power of our country sits atop the world’s economic and political pyramid of power.  A vast network of financial, political, industrial and cultural interests whose influence is organized, subtle, complete and pervasive.  They possess the means and motive to control the public mind.

They perpetrate an Orchestrated Chaos intended to keep us easily managed and manipulated.   Step 1 in defending yourself is knowing how you are being attacked.

How Do They Want Us? 

  • Fat and Sassy.
  • Antsy and Entitled.
  • Busy doing Nothing.
  • Heavily Propagandized.
  • In a hypnotic trance
  • High tech.
  • On screen.  Clickbait.
  • Alone in the Group.
  • Snitching and Bitching.
  • Increasing our Screen time.
  • Programmed by the Programs.
  • Scripted on the Prescriptions.
  • Medicated.  Sedated.  Inoculated.
  • Agitated.  Alienated.  Fixated.
  • Sugar-babies
  • Mentally Anguished. Physically Numb.
  • Provoked. Triggered.
  • Trip-wired to trust the Experts.
  • Convenience-oriented Consumers.
  • Ever-hungry. Void-fillers.
  • Filled with desires.
  • Following the Majority and the Authority.
  • Obeying the Manufacturers and the Merchants.
  • Desiring the Merchandise.
  • Consumed by Consumption.
  • Spiritually and Emotionally Pauperized.
  • Without Meaning or Purpose.
  • Focused on buy and sell.
  • Fake, Artificial, polyester, synthetic.
  • Unthinking.
  • Wide eyed and blinking in dumbfounded amusement.
  • Excited for the next purchase.
  • Weakened.  Unable to defend.
  • Low morale and low morals.
  • Harmless.  Immoral.  Pushovers.
  • Rootless and dependent.
  • Nihilistic and Narcissistic.
  • Amnesiacs.  Unable to remember our True Nature.
  • Psychically deteriorated.
  • Small.  Solitary.  Struggling.
  • Embracing the lesser – cursing the greater.
  • Embracing our Captors – killing our Saviors.
  • Cheerleaders for the government, fans of the corporations.
  • Blind to the Highest Order. Sold to the Highest Bidder.
  • Too busy to ask real questions. Always time for nonsense.
  • Malleable in la-la-land.
  • Molded and Mesmerized.
  • Pampered and Hampered.
  • Charmed and Enchanted.
  • Enthralled and Subjugated.
  • Faux and Pseudo.
  • Stultified, Beguiled, Bewildered, Befuddled.
  • Programmable. Disposable. Replaceable.
  • Focused on Politics, Economics and Entertainment.
  • In formation. Full of their information – empty of our wisdom.
  • Willing participants in a mad society.
  • Tamed and conditioned.
  • In our stables. There to be milked.
  • Deep-sleeping.
  • Free-Range Chickens.
  • Shortsighted.  Unable to see danger until it is at our throats.
  • In a climate that is well-controlled.
  • Predictable

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