Why the Left Hates Trump…

“In America, we do not worship government, we worship God.” – President Donald J. Trump

In Modern America, we see not only vastly changing demographics – but vastly changing value systems as well.  We cheer when Men in dresses get the “right” to use the same restroom as our young daughters, we applaud when pampered, millionaire athletes disrespect the American flag, and we willingly pay Hollywood to corrupt us with their moral depravity.

In a few short decades, our most fundamental values have subtly, but powerfully been inverted.

What accounts for this radical and abrupt change?

What we are seeing now is the culmination of a propaganda campaign that began in earnest after WW2.  When an internationalist intelligentsia that included names like Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer developed what is known as Cultural Marxism.  Their aim: to destroy Western Civilization in order to pave the way for their Borderless, Raceless, Genderless, Classless, Cultureless, Communist “Utopia”.

How were academic theoreticians going to destroy the great Western Civilization…?

Their strategy was to destroy the West, not with guns – but by engaging in psychological, spiritual, cultural, and political warfare.  They knew that if they could control people’s Thoughts, and how they saw themselves, they could control their Actions.  Critical Theory was the ideology used to subvert the Moral compass of Western Man, while inextricably associating Western Civilization with the greatest evil of all – White Supremacy!

Combining the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, and in collaboration with left-leaning Media, Hollywood, Academics, Politicians and Businessman, radical Marxist Leftists actively deconstructed western society by spreading propaganda that America is a deeply terrible place. They instilled a cultural pessimism that convinced Western populations their displacement and dispossession through Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Low Birth Rates and deconstruction of the Nuclear Family is really a good thing.

“Identity Politics” was programmed into us all – we were taught Whites are the Oppressor, and Non-Whites are the Oppressed.  According to the Cultural Marxist worldview, if you were to get rid of Whites, there would be no more Oppression.  The Evil oppression of Women, Non-Whites and Gays, are the result of the corrupt patriarchy of Western Civilization.

Opponents of this artificial, Marxist worldview are immediately shouted down as Racist.  This is because the actual ideas of Marxism, and the results it produces, are so horrendous that they cannot afford to have any opposition.  Anybody who opposes Cultural Marxism is framed as the enemy of the good, and, therefore, all good people have to be on their side, because they are against Evil (White Supremacy).

There is no room for subtlety, nuance or debate – any advocate for traditional Western Civilization is supporting the White Patriarchy, and is ultimately a Nazi.  Leftists believe they must do everything to beat, imprison, censor, threaten and scare perceived Racist Boogeymen into submission.  They use shaming, censorship and fear-mongering to thought police everyone into their extremely narrow and pathetic bandwidth.

What…?!  You do not subscribe to Marxist Ideology which is aimed at desecrating America?  Then you, my friend, are a Nazi.

In this pernicious and pervasive worldview, God, Family and Country have all been toxified as Hate.  They are tools of the White Patriarchy and must be torn down in order to defeat White Supremacism.

So everyone virtue-signals by going out of their way to demonstrate their willingness to defeat this mythical enemy known as White Supremacy – which is really their own destruction.

Why?  Because the whole Cultural Marxist critique is based on the false narrative that:

1.)  Western Civilization => White Supremacy

2.)  White Supremacism => Nazi.

It is only in this context that we can make sense of the hysteria and the vengeance with which Leftists attempt to tear down President Donald J. Trump.  Their fervor takes on the zeal of a religious practice.

They are led to believe that protesting Trump is equivalent to protesting White Supremacy.  His detractors do not think they are being anti-American by disrespecting and attacking the duly elected President of the United States.  They have been consciously and subconsciously brainwashed to think that by attacking President Trump and ALL of his supporters, they are attacking actual Nazis.

In actual fact, Trump is not a Nazi or a White Supremacist.  He was in the public eye for many decades, and no one accused him of anything like this until he was the POTUS.  Neither are the millions of other Americans who still believe that America was designed to further Western Civilization, and for its citizens to be as free as humanly possible.

In this time of Cultural Marxist Revolution let us not forgot this American saying:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Political and Economic Marxism was easily the most evil ideology of the 20th Century (See 100 Million dead by Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.)  Off all the ideologies, Marxism is the most totalitarian, dehumanizing and murderous.

So proudly and naturally defy a Godless, Raceless, Genderless, Materialistic, Marxist revolution.

And, like our President, proudly and unapologetically stand for Western Civilization, which values God, Truth, Culture, Individual Liberty and Family.

Do everything in your power Individually and Collectively to disentangle from their false Cultural Marxist ideology.  The centerpiece of our worldview should be occupied by the Sacred, not this artificial and distorted world of political conflict and social degeneracy.










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