Increase Your Proximity to the Sacred

For hundreds of thousands of years, the universe has created Spiritual Masters that separated themselves from the herd in order to cultivate a deep connection to the Sacred.  “Life is suffering” they taught, but by staying in close relationship to the Sacred, we can find Joy and Meaning in a world of pain and impermanence.

The Sacred refers to unseen realities which are the source of our power and significance.  The Sacred points to the truth behind appearances, and has been part of the worldview of every culture in history.  Embodying the higher values and spiritual ideals – it is what inspires people to flourish in the face of harsh realities.

A connection to the Sacred promotes a feeling of depth and calm connectedness, while reminding us that a Higher Self resides within us, and we should do what we can to make it manifest.

There are Thoughts we can have, and Actions that we can take that will facilitate our Spiritual Growth and Expansion.  We grow or shrink our Soul based on our choices, and we can transform our relationship with external Reality by Spiritual Practice.  Our Soul (the Sacred within us) needs “exercise” just like our bodies.

Just as there are ways of nourishing our Soul – neglect will make it decay.

The pain and longing that exists when God is absent is formulaic.  The more we are disconnected from Spiritual Power – the more we suffer.  Spiritual Neglect gives rise to feelings of loneliness, alienation, agitation, and self-loathing.

The more we lack elevating Spiritual Values and Ideals, the less we desire to live.  When we are disconnected from the Sacred – we experience a crisis of meaning and significance.

When we lose sight of our own Sacred Nature, we reduce ourselves to Automatons – concerned merely with satisfying and amplifying creature comforts.  Instead of focusing on ways to enhance the grandeur of mankind – our sole concern is enhancing our pleasure principle, so we can mask the pain.

This Modern Secular Culture is surely not our friend.

The Myth-Makers of our Modern Culture do not want us to be Spiritualized.  We are fed a modern culture that is spiritually bankrupt.  Distracted by the outside, we become diminished on the inside.

They do whatever it takes to separate us from any sense of the Sacred.

This is obvious in Mass media and “Mainstream” Modern Culture, where the consumer is bombarded with images that glorify Atheism, Materialism, Narcissism and Nihilism.  Their task is to inoculate us against Spirituality, making us easy to mold and manipulate.  Increased proximity to the Sacred will not make us better consumers, and they know this.

So how do we cultivate a connection to the Sacred in the face of this opposition?

First, it is important to realize that for the soul to arrive at perfection, it must overcome opposition, which is imposed for the Soul’s eventual benefit.

Second, you can’t get better without practice.  And you cannot reap what you do not sow.  Refuse to leave your spirituality unpracticed or unnourished.  The Higher Order is Invisible to those immersed in Lower Disorder.

So, how do we Keep in fit spiritual condition?  What should be our Spiritual homework?

Prayer, Meditation, Silence, Gratitude, Nature, Physical Exertion, Physical Stillness, Keeping a Journal, Reading, Deep thinking, Concentration and a Firm Intent to Understand One’s Self… are all disciplines that can bring us closer to the Sacred.

But today, our focus is on Increasing Our Proximity to God through Contemplation.

The Goal: to be as close as possible to the Sacred.

The Closer – the Better.  The Further – the Worse.

We can gain greater proximity to the Divine through Contemplation. It’s the discipline of Contemplating the Greater – not the Lesser.  Contemplate means “at one with the Temple.”  Unlock the doors to the Temple of Knowledge.  Unlock the Heart.  Clean the Windows.  Shine the mirror.

Reside in the Inner Cathedral of the Heart Center.  Where there is no distinction between God and the indestructible, sacred element within your Heart.

Don’t just do what the other guy is doing – Contemplate.  Spiritual knowledge is direct insight into one’s own True Nature.  Contemplation brings us closer to the Divine, so we can develop the awareness of our identity with the Sacred.

Know yourself as fully as possible.  God is the underlying Reality of everything.  Return to the Core of your Being, and you return to the Core of the Universe.

Spiritual Contemplation allows us to recognize, realize, and manifest the Divine Spark of God within.  Know yourself – “God knows you when you know yourself.”

As one ancient text put it, “Man cannot live by bread alone.”  Consumption and technology will never bring us closer to the Sacred.  We need to stop satisfying our Cravings – and learn to satisfy our Soul.

The Modern world presents us with an Opportunity: When the external world does not provide Values, we have to generate our Values within.  When the external world does not provide Meaning, we have to find and create Meaning.

We become not playthings of God, but manifestations of God.  This is the process of remembering and contemplating divine wisdom that’s as old as the universe.

To paraphrase Nietzsche, in the wake of the death of God – we need to become Gods.

Contemplate.  Choose the Sacred, over the profane.  Make as much Spiritual progress as possible so you can avoid future troubles.  Increase your proximity to the Sacred.  There is no life more real than the interior life of the Soul.

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