The Art of the Unseen

WE, the citizens of this Nation are under siege on all sides.  As power and money become increasingly concentrated in fewer hands, the masses become increasingly vulnerable to the many abuses of authoritarian power.

We see it manifest in endless mid-east wars and rumors of wars, moral decay, outrageous environmental degradation, economic exploitation, cultural dispossession and forced immigration.

All of these things and more are symptoms of some deep intellectual crisis.  Is all of this by accident?  Or are their architects of social policy at work behind the scenes?

 Who are the Elite?

The “Elite” is the name given to the small group that sit atop a pyramid of closely interrelated worlds that includes The Media Complex, International Finance, and Establishment Politics.  Like the pyramid on the dollar bill – the seeing eye capstone is not connected to the mass of stones below.   Likewise, the Elite are above and against the people.  They are the ones who plan to sit atop a globalized world.

They seek a New World Order in which the movement of people, goods and money are no longer constrained by traditional values or borders of countries.  It will be a raceless and borderless world, not because they believe in the utopic vision of John Lennon’s Imagine, but because the Elite want to run things without any inconvenience.  They want power and wealth for themselves, not improved lives for ordinary people.

The Elite are also the ones who propagate the myth that sophisticated conspiracies and secret societies exist only in the mind of paranoids and extremists.  They attempt to conceal their power and agenda to dominate our world, so that they cannot be challenged – but the effects of their influence are plain to see.

The illiberal Elite support their vested interests by controlling an all-encompassing Super Media-Complex, while conspiring against the wider public interest.

This Complex is comprised of:

  • Mainstream Media
  • Hollywood
  • Professional Sports
  • Pop Music
  • Academia

Like the puppeteer who brings the puppet alive with multiple strings, they combine their resources to manipulate social psychology thoroughly enough to exploit it on a massive scale.  They have mastered the media so they can master the minds of the masses.  They know complete control results from thought control.

This Super Media Complex wields enormous influence, but is dominated by a very small number of players.  Over 90 % of Mainstream Media (MSM) is owned by 6 Corporate Media Conglomerates.

  1. Disney
  2. Viacom
  3. CBS
  4. Time Warner
  5. News Corp
  6. GE

This media oligopoly is tasked with inculcating corrupted social, moral, economic and political values into the Masses.  They provide an IV Drip of “fake news” that percolates every aspect of our society.  We are bombarded with ready-made opinions.  The attack is so pervasive because they want no part of us left untouched.

We are ruled through the Narrative and everything else is hate speech.  The people must unite in obedience to their globalist agenda.  Anyone operating outside of their narrow bandwidth gets silenced. The one who pays the piper calls the tune, and anyone who does not like it is racist, ignorant and dangerous.  This is how we are programmed to support the policies that benefit them and harm us.

“No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.” –  Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Distracted by their lies, we have lost our truth… and our instincts.   Values have been inverted and realism is now considered extremism.  If you debate realistically about immigration – you are xenophobic.  If you are critical of Islamic terror attacks on Western soil – you are Islamophobic.  If you discuss scientific data regarding race – you are racist.  If you mention some basic tenets of biology – you are transphobic.  If you are tired of white people being bullied by the label White Supremacist – you are a White Supremacist!   The MSM rewards the wrong and punishes the right.

“He has lost and destroyed his instinct, and can no longer trust the “divine animal” and let go the reins when his understanding falters and his way leads through deserts.” Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations II

Since non-left political thought is restricted in the MSM, reality itself falls outside of what they deem socially acceptable.  They caution us against believing what we see with our own eyes, or giving in to our silly common sense.  They will determine our understanding of reality for us.

We are immersed in a world of artificial indoctrination where the “real” is no longer “obvious.”   Accessing the “Real” requires practice.   If we don’t do the disciplines, we can’t see the Real.  We must learn to decipher.  The first step in seeing the Real, is deprogramming yourself from the Unreal.

In order to defend against attack, you must first be aware that you are under attack.  To become more aware of the reality of one’s situation, you must unplug.  You must “learn” to see that MSM is not your friend – and it is high time get your education and entertainment elsewhere.

“We are led by the least among us” – Terrence McKenna

The Elite’s Media promotes a secular worldview, to absolve them of any moral or spiritual wrong doing.  A jaundiced and despiritualized view of the world diminishes us for their sinister interest.  They eliminate God – because they want to be our god.

They reduce the higher to the non-existent.  They desecrate, until there is no longer any discernible meaning within our society.   It produces a people that are skepticized and demoralized – hollowed-out, with a belief in Nothing at all.  Standing for nothing and falling for anything.  With a ready willingness to sacrifice our nation, our values, and our sovereignty to create a glorious “new world order” for the Elite.

 The most powerful forces are hidden.  This is true culturally, and spiritually.  To know the essential, you must know the invisible.  Gain higher insights, and you will see things that others do not.  It requires skills to “see” the unmanifest.  Much of our world is hidden – we need hidden knowledge.  This is what the Ace represents in a deck of cards – the Ace is the hidden power above the King.

Turn off the TV, stop rooting for professional sports, don’t support Hollywood, reject Leftist Academia, listen to music that is not filled with morally degenerate lyrics.

Become your own prophet, trust what your eyes see and what your common sense tells you.  Trust your instincts.  Find out whatever it is you need to know in order to separate yourself from the unreflecting and bewildered herd.  Learn to see the things that others can’t, the Ace above the King.

Don’t settle for a beige fascist world, devoid of Spirit.  Don’t settle for a world of Identity Politics, Conflict, War and Nazis.  Don’t settle for a degenerate culture.  Don’t settle for the lower when you can have the higher.  It is time for people to question the true motives of the Elite.  Bring the hidden to the light.  They want to despiritualize you so they can destroy you, and they are free to do it.  We are free not to buy it.

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