God Must Be Earned.

“The danger of destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical destruction through atomic warfare.  Indeed, the two are related and intertwined.” – Joost Meerloo

Is it possible that a hidden Elite seeks to destroy our spiritual well-being?  As their attacks become more brazen, the obviousness of this claim becomes more indisputable.

An elite superclass of intellectuals and bankers conduct the world orchestra.  Their aim: to rule over the entire planet by bringing about a socialist-world system, overseen by a centralized world government.

They have set themselves up as the establishment in Mass Media, International Finance and Politics, and they are engaged in spiritual and cultural warfare against the masses.  These commercial giants with colossal power spend inordinate amounts of money and energy to destroy national borders, while spiritually disarming individuals.  The heavily propagandized masses are left feeling the Elite’s agenda is a foregone conclusion.  The enlightened view of the Elite is, there is no god, and borders are for losers.

Since WW 2, their network has waged war by strategically placing operatives in key positions of authority to subtly yet powerfully influence the population.  Spirituality has no place in their future because spiritual suicide leads to cultural suicide.  And cultural suicide is a necessary precondition for a borderless world.  To implement a New World Order, you have to get rid of the old one.

As a result, God has ceased to exist for us.  Not because we have evolved beyond the need for superstitious thinking, but because we willfully accepted the secular make-believe spoon fed to us.   Modern people have aimlessly and naively strayed from the deeper realities where God can be accessed.  Our Higher Self is sacrificed on their altar of Materialism.

Deprived of our spiritual foundation, we are unable to hold them to account.  The Media trains the masses in a secular worldview, to absolve the Elite of the moral and spiritual abuses that their globalist enterprise engenders.  It is a jaundiced ideology that diminishes us for their sinister interest.  They eliminate God – because they want to be our god.

In an alienated fashion, we worship second-hand gods like money, consumer brands, sports teams, and celebrities.  Our idol worship allows the Elite to get bigger, as we get smaller.  They become powerful by taking away our power.  The more we lose faith in our self, the more we gain faith in Big Daddy.

Our idol worship, and the “smallness” it produces, yields anxiety, depression, addictions and suicide.  We suffer from a proliferation of spiritual maladies that we are powerless to heal, because we are deprived of the one possible antidote.  We follow the leaders that want us spiritually-unworked.  They want us fragmented and rootless, so we can be easily hypnotized, and easily swayed.  Spiritual malnourishment leaves us in a state of disequilibrium.  We are unable to muster any defense, so we are incapable of escaping from their secular prison.

We are left with a spiritual and moral crisis that manifests as: education problems, crime problems, war problems, drug problems, healthcare problems, environmental problems, and economic problems.

Our solution… more laws, more censorship, more pharmaceuticals, and more open borders.   All of which serves to nourish the original pathology. The further our distance from the spiritual domain, the more the human psyche becomes deregulated, fragmented, and imbalanced.  The morally-decaying reality we see before us is nothing but a projection of our corrupted minds.

They do not want us to be natural, and connected to the Sacred.  They want us to be artificial, and fixated on material things.  They want us to be mechanized – zombies devoid of Spirit.  Equal to everyone else because we have followed each other into the gulags of unconsciousness.

When we erase spirit, we do so in cooperation with our enemy.  We arrogantly deny spirit, in proud revolt against the natural world.  They don’t want us to have gods word, they want us to have their word.  They do not want us to ask big questions – they want us to believe small answers.  They invert our values because they want us thinking that the Impious are wise, and the pious are ignorant.

Have we lost faith in God, or has God lost faith in us?

We fail to question the nature of our illusions.  We have gone along with a program to make us small – to live a meaningless life that ends in a meaningless death.  Completely disconnected from our ancestors, ourselves and our future.  Having so many security vulnerabilities, we could not possibly defend ourselves from a coordinated attack.  Our spiritual collapse is the result of spiritual warfare.

The only real antidote is the Sustained Spiritual Cultivation that can transforms the quality of human experience away from the fear and anxiety of a meaningless world, towards a connection to the Sacred and genuine well-being.  The free person is one who engages in the lifelong quest of increasing attachment to God.  Otherwise we become their slave, increasingly attached to the State.

Mobilize the better aspects of yourself, do not allow yourself to be spiritually-unworked.  We need to fight for purpose.  There is no meaning unless we do the spiritual work to find the Meaning.  When we are able to live from your spiritual values and create a meaningful life, we move to higher order of Being.

It is time for the people to stop following the lead of the morally degenerate and spiritually rootless Elite, and to unite around the awareness that the globalist establishment has rigged the system against our national and spiritual interests.

Have you just gone along with the secular programming of the globalist elite?

What have you done to earn God?

Have you been doing any of the spiritual disciplines that all the great religious traditions say are required to find God?

Have you created a symbiosis of Right Thought and Right Action?

There are no hand-outs in the Spiritual Life, and you cannot reap what you don’t sow.  Move beyond the Elite’s programming of politics, economics and entertainment – and hold the space for Spirit.  Don’t be blind to the Highest Good.  Don’t be unaware of your spiritual adversaries.

Earn God.  Attain God through spiritual praxis.  Cultivate the qualities that make God love you.  Cultivate the qualities that make you Love God.  Feel the presence of God.  Have a renewed commitment to aim upward.

It is time to stand and not fall in the battle of life, because an attack on our spirit is an attack on the very core of our being.  We have to go after whatever might do damage to our spirit with all of our might.

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