Problem:  The Culture is Not Our Friend.

  • When we wake from our slumber, it is clear to see – we are engaged in Spiritual, Ideological, and Cultural Warfare.
  • We think things not because we actually thought them, but because we were conditioned to think them. These conditioned thoughts form the underpinnings our culture outlook – and are reinforced by the Mass Media, Entertainment Industry, and Academia.
  • We have been disconnected from our proper orientation in the universe, by a culture that is CLEARLY not our friend…
  • The result: we have been individually and collectively disempowered – making us malleable targets for mass conformity and groupthink.
  • This spiritually, morally and emotionally bankrupt culture leads to all the familiar symptoms that plague us in modern day: adhd, malaise, anxiety, boredom, insomnia, depression, obesity, addiction, and suicide.

Solution.  The Hero’s Journey

  • To step outside of a sick and twisted and heavily propagandized Culture – requires Nothing less than embarking on Western civilizations archetypical Hero’s Journey.
  • Traditionally it has been the “hero” who dares to live beyond the accepted “culture” or ideology of his time.
  • The Hero is skilled in Spiritual, Ideological, and Cultural Warfare.
  • The Hero values Truth above all else. And seeks to carve their own destiny.
  • The Hero will succeed against all odds. The Hero may suffer defeat but never gives up.
  • The modern warrior, armed with a powerful New Identity and an Indomitable Will, stands on the shoulders of hero’s past, and Slays the Dragon anew.